How to use the cards

Fetch cards screens

Adding words to study

Scroll through the words to choose from and pick out some of them that you will study. Click "Learn" to learn the word now, or click "Known" if you already know the word.

View cards screens

Viewing cards

By default, on the front side of the card you see a word whose meaning you need to remember. To see the reverse side of the card with the translation - just click on it once. You can change this order by turning over all the cards at once. To do this, use the menu by calling it with the "^" button located on the top panel. If you do not want the words to be automatically spoken, mute the sound using the speaker button on the top panel.

Remember or forgot?

Remember or forgot?

You can rank words according to how well you remember them by putting them in one of 4 categories: completely forgotten, forgotten, remember, and remember well. If you forgot the meaning of a word, swipe the card to the left. Don't remember at all - when you swipe to the left, pull the card down. Remember the word - swipe the card to the right. 100% confident in your knowledge - when swiping to the right, pull the card up. Try it - it's fun.

Bottom buttons panel

Bottom button bar

The bottom panel contains the following elements:

  1. The counter of cards that were categorized as "forgot" or "completely forgot". The element is colored depending on the proportion of forgotten or completely forgotten cards. By clicking on this element, the card is marked as "Forgotten".
  2. Button to cancel the previous action. If you want to change the category of the card - just click on "cancel" and determine its status again.
  3. Button to automatically display cards in the current deck. When you click on the cards, they will scroll by themselves.
  4. Count of cards that were marked as "remember" or "remember well".