Frequently Asked Questions

About Lingard and its parts


Word collections are nothing more than classic sets of memory cards. In this section, you can view, edit, or create new collections of words. Once you have selected a collection, you can start learning words from that collection.


Learn English with materials that interest you. Upload books and texts in EPUB, PDF and other formats to the "Library" using an app extension. Read and translate instantly offline.


  • To grab a page from the Internet, click on the "Share" button in Safari, a list of supported applications will appear. Find Lingard in this list and send the content of the page to the app.
  • To add any text file, in the "Library" section, click on + on the top bar.


You can view training statistics and complete your profile in this section.


You can configure the app in this section. Choose your preferred voice and speaker accent. Turn on sync. Set up notifications.


To return to the previous screen, use the navigation bar or simply swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right.

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